Garden County Sport – The Men Behind The Microphones

1. Garden County Sport are the freshest sounds on the Wicklow Sporting Airwaves! Who are the men/women behind the seductive sounds?

Alan Nolan and Kevin Stapleton. Two lamboons from Annacurra. We were involved with Wicklow People and have done commentary with them in the past for games. We also helped with Wicklow GAA and did the tweets for last couple of years for many games. We’ve recently got the subtle tones of Ian McDonald to help us out in the commentary booth and he did an excellent job in the Wicklow minor match last week v Westmeath. We’ve a few great assistants who text us updates/results and fixtures which is a massive help and we are always looking for more help if people want their sports out there.

2. Are you covering the Wicklow matches on Saturday Live?

There will be live updates of both games. We have a technical hitch with Stapleton off sunning himself in Toronto for the year so we will try bring audio if we can.. we will try our best.

3. Who has better legs Mark Kenny or Rory Finn?

Kevin: Alan there sat beside Rory on plane home from London and burnt the ears off him, Mark is a good friend of mine so I’ll give him the nod as he’d be pissed off I went against him

Alan: I don’t look at them in that way Bill but Rory is sound. I’d go for Drill Sargent’s legs as Kenny’s are glorified tooth picks

4. What is the main aim of Garden County Sport?

The main aim of GCS is to promote sports in Wicklow much better than it is. Brendan does a smashing job for the Wicklow People and is a great help to us as we continue assisting on commentating when we can. We want to bring updates to you when we can. Wicklow have such representatives on global scene in the rugby lads with Leo Cullen in charge of Leinster, Paul Dunne, Katie Taylor etc. Why not make household names out of Wicklow’s GAA stars because sure as hell, 40 seconds on the Sunday game won’t boost anything in this county! They don’t show Joe McDonagh Cup hurling so they’d surely forget about Christy Ring teams. And then they give out about counties not looking to accept tier 2 football system? When they won’t look after their key products in their players from counties like Wicklow, we want to boost our lads.. why can’t players from Wicklow achieve success and a spotlight?

5. What’s your opinion on the Wexicans?

Alan: I have no issue with the wexicans, they were good enough to let me plan me house on their sacred ground

Kevin: I went to school in Carnew on the boarder. It’s nice to put one over on them when we can. Luckily Alan is bringing his future brood up as Wicklow supporters or this wouldn’t work.


The interview continued but Bill put it on the record that he was only continuing to question Alan while under duress and out of respect to Kevin😉😂 Wexican Lovers are worse than Wexicans😉😂 Alan then proceeded to defend his bad life choices😉

Bill the site was free give a man a break ya jerk

6. Which one player would you say is the brightest up and coming talent in County Wicklow at the minute?

Alan: I think Eoin Darcy is as good as there is out there and I also think Jack Cotter is very good for his size

Kevin: Eoin Darcy is deservedly grabbing headlines. He’s an immense talent. He has come through the GCA system and doing very well. I seen Torna Mulconroy hurl last year for Avondale Parnells and I think he’s a classy operator.

7. Should Pineapples be on Pizzas?

Alan: **** them. Rotten *****

Kevin: The odd time

8. Favourite Inter County Hurler?

Alan: Warren Kavanagh

Kevin: Billy Cuddihy (I’ll accept payment in Canadian dollars) with Bob and Murt joint second.

9. Favourite Inter County Footballer?

Alan: Ross O’Brien

Kevin: James Stafford

10. Why do you think there is such an obvious lack of radio coverage of sport in County Wicklow when you compare us to the local sports coverage on radio stations in our neighbouring counties?

Alan: I feel the girls are doing staunch work and progressing very well and to some they don’t exist, they have been our biggest followers and their manager is an absolute gent.

Kevin: This is my main gripe Bill. I’m in Toronto the last while and every county is well covered media wise. I had to listen to midlands fm do an excellent job on the Offaly game! I’m a big fan of Ewan McKenna on twitter and he was very annoyed that it wasn’t on too. In the lead up to Dublin match, East Coast’s news was all about Dublin opening their Leinster defence against Wicklow. No mention of “Our county football team etc” even before handing over the broadcast to Michael and Paddy (who done a great job) it said we now will be live in O’Moore Park for Dublin’s clash with Wicklow. How can we achieve success this way? Only for the lads providing coverage on mixlr, there’s zero coverage of minors/ under 20’s/ even hurling last weekend it was on mixlr with the hurling team on the crest of a wave reaching the semi final again. Audio updates aren’t good enough in my opinion, the older generation are losing contact with the GAA by their lack of interest in broadcasting it. We’ve seen the figures from our listeners last year and hopefully, we can assist them but we are only an online base currently, and that doesn’t suit everybody!

11. Is there anything the Wicklow public can do to help you with promoting sport in the County?

We like yourself are a voluntary operation at present. Trying to grow sports coverage the best we can. Some we know bits about some we know none about, so don’t be shy to send us information. The Public need to keep us updated also it’s a tough job getting information. i.e. Getting match results is like looking for a set of false teeth for a broken mouthed ewe!

12. There are a lot of good people and pages doing their best for the promotion of Wicklow Sport and Bill would say that unity is strength. Helping Eoin Darcy get voted Player of the Week would be a prime example of how a unified county pulled together and Eoin got his deserved reward. A simple like and share of pages like Garden County Sport Page, Bill Hill Page, Wicklow People, Wicklow GAA Photos, Wicklow GAA Online, Wicklow Ladies Football, Wicklow County Camogie Page, Wicklow Garden County Academy, WicklowNews etc only takes a second but is perhaps an unheralded way of bringing sporting people together and allowing a good insight into what’s happening across the county and ultimately making sure our teams get as much support as possible. Would you agree that the people of Wicklow giving such pages a like is a simple task but could become a powerful tool if they all were to do it in the age of the media?

We totally agree.

So folks you heard it here first, these guys are doing their best along with a lot of other people across County Wicklow, giving up their time to fill the gaps that exist in this County. A simple like, share and follow of these pages only takes a minute and costs absolutely nothing. Anybody with any interest in Wicklow or Wicklow Sport will undoubtably get value from these in pages at some stage so please take a few moments to Like, Follow and Share these pages and introduce friends and family to them. Here’s a list of links to a few of them:

http://Wicklow County Camogie

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