Four Wicklow Pubs to be declared UNESCO World Heritage Sites

After years of campaigning UNESCO officials announced plans to declare the following Pint Depots as UNESCO World Heritage Sites:

  • Fenton’s Glen of Imaal – (Glen of Imaal)
  • The Dying Cow (Tinahely/Shillelagh)
  • Tá Sé’s (Wicklow Town)
  • D.J Cullen’s Lakeview Lounge (Ballyknockan)

Strict criteria must be followed to achieve the distinction of being granted UNESCO World Heritage Status and each of the most iconic County Wicklow watering holes scored highly on all criteria. We have provided some key information and lesser known facts about each site below and the Inspectors also made fond reference to some of the unique features found in some of the pubs which we have the pleasure of now relaying to you:


Previously ran by Wicklow’s other legendary Don, Mr Don Fenton this mountain pub has been a base camp for many hikers dating back to the time of Marco Polo. It is widely believed that he over shot Mongolia on his first attempt and ended up circumnavigating the globe, stopping into Fenton’s for a few small ones before heading over Lugnaquilla to open up a trade route with the primitive Spice Boys in Laragh.

The Dying Cow

Scientists have yet to determine how old this site actually is but the consensus of intellectual thought is that it dates back to medieval times or roughly the equivalent of where modern day Ballymanus is in terms of technological advancement.

ThePints Of Guinness in the Dying Cow were so heavenly i’d say God himself must have shat them out. I was also delighted to find a pub that was named after my ex wife on a Sunday morning. I recommend booking in advance as you will find more seating on a NASA space shuttle launch than you will in this absolute gem.

Tá Sé’s

Reputedly the first place St. Patrick went for the cure after a heavy night on board his ship necking a few bottles of rum and playing a few games of snakes and ladders. Legend has it that he parked up the ship on the Sunday night in Wicklow Harbour and didn’t chance heading home because the coast guard had been spotted earlier that evening and he wasn’t risking it. He woke up with an absolute head on him the Monday morning so he nipped up to Tá Sé’s for the cure and ended up on the lash with the lads all day which led to a lock in and a sing song for the ages that night. It is now customary that every August, Tá Sé’s regulars dress up and welcome patrons from the towns other pubs where they sing songs to mark St Patrick’s first Tá Sé’s Monday Club visit.

D.J Cullen’s Lakeview Lounge

The worlds oldest recorded example of Bearded Man Fossils was found on the site of Cullen’s Lakeview Lounge dating back to Megalithic times and scientists believe the first known Hairy Baby was most likely conceived and born here. In keeping with the historic significance of the site, local men and women all keep an ample amount of facial hair to honour their forefathers. A visit to Ireland’s first and only known “Disco Snug” is a must for all you ravers and children of the 80’s. Marie’s Snug provides the niche in the market for visitors who like a rave and a quiet pint by the fire all in the one room. The snug having some of the best disco lights and possessing the original Disco Ball from Saturday Night Fever, all combines to make this a pub for the ages.

So this year why not round up your Pintsmen and tackle the Pints on offer at one or all of Wicklow’s four new UNESCO World Heritage Sites and make sure to tell staff that oul Bill Hill sent you and you would like to avail of the exclusive Bill Hill “Buy 2 Get 2” Special offer!