#Flagsforfrontliners – County Wicklow Man Martin Healys Novel Idea To Show Our Support To Frontline Workers

Martins Grandkids Páidí & Caoimhe Wafer showing their colours for #flagsforfrontliners

One Wicklow GAA man has came up with a wonderful idea to show in some small way how much every person up and down this country is fully behind the people who are at the frontline of this fight with COVID 19.


Martin Healy a proud Annacurra GAA man has a novel way for us all to show the healthcare workers and all other frontline workers our appreciation by asking us all to do our bit for #Flagsforfrontliners.
The concept is a simple one with all you need being most likely already sitting in your press, garage or attic and that is your sporting clubs flags, bunting or banners. For any frontline worker going to work to take on this dreaded virus, for them to see every village, town and crossroads adorned with flags like a county final week but knowing they were all there for them would be a lovely gesture and reminder to them how much we all support them and how appreciated they truly are.

We all know the risk and sacrifice these heroic people are undertaking to help save as many of us from this pandemic and anything we can do to show them we are eternally grateful is truly worth doing. County finals for clubs are more than just a game, it brings a community together and lights up the spirits of the area so let’s bring that same feeling to the healthcare workers albeit minus the community coming together in a physical sense.

Martin has had 40 signs made by local business Signs of the Times in Avoca to promote the idea and we would love if every GAA club across the county and beyond along with all sporting codes got behind this truly heartwarming idea and show our heroic frontline staff  our support.

Here’s Martins message to you all:

🇮🇪 Flags for Frontliners 🇮🇪 is a movement to give moral support and encouragement to our frontline workers during these trying times.
These men and women who work on the frontline need all the support they can get as they go to work so that the rest of us can recieve the nessesary supplies and services that enable us to carry on with our daily lives.
We would like to encourage all clubs, community organisations, businesses and individuals to support our frontline workers by displaying a flag or flags outside their houses, workplaces, village entrances etc.

As we know all of our GAA as well as other sporting activities have been cancelled for the foreseeable future. So it seems like we have no reason to adorn our towns, villages and communities with the great colourful display of flags and bunting of our respective teams – Or Have We ? How about supporting our frontline team in this crisis we find ourselves in.
How about we come together as one ‘ All Ireland Club’ in solidarity with all frontline workers.
So we create. Flags For Frontliners . Whereby every club goes to the effort of displaying their flags as if they were getting ready to do battle on club final day except this time it’s our team of frontline workers that are heading into battle against a very different type of rival. A rival that they have never played before, a rival that will take all their training and aquired skills to defeat.
So we the ordinary supporter must be there for them as they will need all the morale support and encouragement that we as a nation can give them.

Use the #FlagsForFrontliners on all social media platforms to show your support. 🇮🇪 #flagsforfrontliners

Appeal to all GAA people who read this to share with your clubs and club mates and really encourage people to get the flags up and turn Ireland into An All Ireland Club