Enniskerry GAA Legend Finally Managed to Bend his Dodgy Knee

Enniskerry Football Legend Brendan Barton managed to defy the aches and pains of his well documented dodgy knee and managed not only to bend it but also managed to come back up with not only the knee intact but also with the hand of the beautiful Orla Kearns wearing a shiny new ring on the engagement ring finger!!!

We here at Bill Hill HQ would like to wish them both a lifetime of happiness and hopefully Orla lets Brendan continue to be a great Bill Hill Contributor when he’s firmly under the thumb and no longer wearing the trousers. May they also produce lots of little Enniskerry footballers for both the GAA club and the Soccer Club and always remember that Bill is always on hand at a moments notice to help out in that department if any help is required😉

Mup Enniskerry🖤💛💍