Eire Og’s James “Pooch” Cranley’s Post Match Reaction & More

Cracking win yesterday Pooch, what was it like playing with restrictions on supporters and the COVID guidelines?

Thanks very much Bill great to back playing again, and it felt a bit strange not using dressing rooms and not much support there, but the live link is brilliant for watching the games now , and think they should keeping doing it for the future

The lads in GCS did a great job and now we have the great news that Wicklow TV is on the way where we can pay to watch you score goals! Do you think it’s about time you got a slice of the profits and a cash per goals contract and how will the signing autographs work with COVID restrictions😉?

They did amazing job, wicklow tv will be live on sky sports soon enough I say, mick hagan and martin fitz should set up a panel for half time like eamon dunphy and the boys, I wouldnt say no to some cash per goal now Bill I love cash, I can sign the autograph no problem I’ll wear full PPE for after the match to sign them 😉

Getting back to yesterday’s win over a very good Avondale side who seem to be very much on an upward trajectory. Where did you feel Eire Og got the better of it to take that hard earned victory?

Yes Avondale where very good not an easy win yesterday, they had lot of lads playing that I havent seen before who where good hurlers, but I think we won it in the second half we had the legs and ran at them, I thought caused some problems late on in the game

There was only a puck of the ball between Eire Og and St Pats in last years quarter final and Pats were desperately unlucky not to progress to the final. Do you think Eire Og are unfairly viewed when people talk about likely title candidates and Eire Og are not always given the nod despite having one of the best squads in the county with numerous inter county hurlers?

There was we where very unlucky that day, only puck of ball as you siad, same the previous years when we made the quarter final an semi final stages there is not much it, I know we are good enough some very talented hurlers in Eire og , so I dont worry about other peoples views, are day will come 🏆

The brother Shaun was keeping the umpires busy yesterday, is he in the same league as you really?
He was indeed shaun has been great addition to the team, and has made big difference naturally talented player and for an 18year old he is a real leader on the Team, Haha I thought him everything Sure Bill😉, He is in different league Bill and he has a very bright future ahead of him For Eire Og and Wicklow

Eire Og are in an envious position of having the Wicklow Senior Hurling Manager Eamon Scallan to guide you, what do you think Eamon has brought to the team that’s been different than past years?

Eamon has brilliant since he has came we very lucky to have him he has improved our hurling big time in Eire og, and he has brought great togetherness and believe within our squad

The Covid-19 has made so many routine activities very challenging and restricted many supporters from attending games. Is there someone you would always give your match ticket to or would you stick it on Donedeal?

I would have a few now, name in the Hat job, but now that you say it I might throw them on done deal and some extra cash

When we think Eire Og Hurling we think Dr. Brendan Cuddihy. What influence has he he had on your hurling career and the emergence of Eire Og as a major force at all levels of Wicklow hurling in the last few years?

Brendan has been young influences to me and every hurler in Eire og, he brought me right through since was a young lad, made me fall in love with the sport, from driving me to matches fixing my hurls, when they broke he brought right through to adult Hurling and was great to win the Intermidate championship underneath Brendan

Eire Og had many standout performers yesterday but aside from yourself and Mr Walsh who is always head and shoulders above everyone, who would you say stood out for Eire Og?

Your right me and Andrew are a lot taller then everyone else on the pitch 6ft 6 the two of us we always stand out, as you said a lot stand out performances, Pete as usual played well I thought Shaun had very good game too, but I think Anto stood out a lot he took a lot of hardship winning dirty ball running at them and winning frees doing the hard dirty work

Would you be happy to stick with this format next year or what are your thoughts on this shortened year?

I like it this way, get it done nice early , but it can be hard on Dual players sometimes who would be out every week

With Wicklow Tv on the horizon, The Pooch is going to be fed live to many housewives sitting rooms and the stardom is only a matter of time! If Hollywood came calling to make a movie based on Wicklow Hurling who would you like to see play the role of Pooch for that Blockbuster and why?

Big Denzal Washington cause king Kong ain’t go no shit on him

Wicklow Senior Hurling Championship Top Scorers Table 2020

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