Egyptian Postman on Target in Baltinglass 42 Years Ago

Egyptian Postman Mo Swimmers was a man who was well known around Baltinglass in the 1970’s for having a big package and the local ladies were awful fond of him. His distinctive curly Afro was something that always put a twinkle in the eyes of the local ladies as he popped a little surprise through their letter boxes but alas it was not to be forever as in 1978 he returned hastily to Egypt to take up a role with the Egyptian Postal Service leaving lots of devastated housewives behind but perhaps it wasn’t just devastated housewives that got left behind…..

Shortly after his return to Egypt he married a local postmistress and was unhappily married for many years but living the quiet life without the rock and roll lifestyle he was used to in Baltinglass was something that he grew tired of and in 1991 he filed for divorce and went heavy on the batter and during a night out he met a young lady in Coppers of Constantinople and a night of passion led to young Mildred Salah getting pregnant and 9 months later baby Mohammed was born. Sadly the romance didn’t blossom and Mohammed Senior was not a part of  young Mo Salahs upbringing but his son went on to become a global superstar but maybe just maybe it wasn’t the only young superstar that was produced by Mo Swimmers as an attacking star of Baltinglass GAA by the name of Brendan Kelly bears a lot of the same physical features as the 1970’s Postie and he has a lot of the same attacking skills as the Egyptian Superstar but it could all just be a shocking coincidence eh……..😉😂

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