Last night the people of Baltinglass and Blessington bore witness to one of the greatest rags to riches stories of our time as fantasy actually became reality in Junior B Football last night as the legend known as Paul Colgan manned the middle of the park for the first time, a lifelong wet dream of his fulfilled in the blink of an eye on a warm summers evening in Blessington!

Paul Colgan had a dream and that dream became a fairytale as not only did Paul pop his midfield cherry by playing his first Junior B league game in midfield for Baltinglass against Blessington last night but he also managed to score a point to the disbelief of the watching crowd.

Twitter’s servers briefly went down last night as the volume of #COLG8 tweets were too much to handle and the shockwaves Of last nights fairytale has seen #COLG8 trending around the world with even a tweet from deepest darkest Lacken being recorded with #COLG8 proudly included.

The fairytale doesn’t end there though as Paul Colgan is in poll position for the Bill Hill Wicklow Greatest Man Award which would really cap off a magnificent spell for the Baltinglass wonder.

Words of praise have been flooding in from teammates and many others who have paid tribute to the man himself:

Scottish John Rye – “ Paul Colgan is a great wee man with a haggis of gold”

Fabian Dunne “Paul Colgan – has the heart of a Tibetan Sherpa and the body of a 14 year old Vietnamese girl”

Kev Lord – “Paul Colgan has the balls of a Bengali Tiger”

Fireman Sam – “Got a call that Paul Colgan was on fire but there was nothing I could do”

Padraig Humphries – “Paul Colgan caught more ball last night than the Hanson Brothers back in the early 00’s”

Nathan Byrne – “Kevin O Brien wears Paul Colgan pyjamas

Martin Donegan – “Paul Colgan is the best thing since sliced bread, if sliced bread had stubble, perfect teeth and could fetch ball from the top of Everest”

Shooter Nolan (team manager) – “Come on #colg8, 5ft nothin, 5 stone nothin and legs like bambi

Tommy Cullen – “I heard they have sold out of jerseys in the club shop #colg8 it was like playing beside David Beckham the other night every time he touched the ball the fan club could be heard”

John Evans (Wicklow Manager) – “Expect a call”

Walt Disney – “Who do we approach to buy the rights to this fairytale?”

Kev Wall – “all I have to say is daughters lock up your mothers”

Dave Whelan – “Paul Colgan, the only player I’ve ever seen to make an opponent sh*t and jizz his pants at the same time”

We will try to grab Paul to see if he’s up for a few questions on last nights events but we were told by his agent that Paul has been inundated with “Baby Me” requests so once he takes care of bidness we hope to have a chat with the legend himself. Here’s a couple of photos of the midfield maestro himself to keep you ticking over Ladies …..

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