Derry Girls Left Shellshocked After Heavy Defeat to Wicklow

Yes they might have had well documented success lately and a positive outlook for the future with Channel 4 coming on board for a second season but the Derry Girls met their match in Roundwood today.

The Wicklow Ladies were in no mood for messing about today and laid Siege to the Derry Goal from the get go despite the defensive wall the Derry Girls had placed to limit the damage. Several of the Derry Girls were treated for shock in the aftermath of the game after Wicklow put up a whopping 2-20 to 0-5 Derry points and it was ironically a case of “SLÁINTE MUTHAF*CKAS” for the girls from north of the wall.

Next up on the the chopping block for the Wicklow Ladies are the Ladies Of Kilkenny in Roundwood next Sunday @2pm so all Support is Welcome once again!💙💛