COPON-19 – List of Businesses/People Who Are Offering Help To Whoever Needs It

At the first sign of any difficulty we all turn into absolute morons panic buying ridiculous quantities of products causing absolute carnage for people who may actually need some of the things you have now hoarded in your homes.
Elderly people and people with less means than others to access these items are now left worrying that they might not have an item they have genuine use for.


Thankfully not all people and businesses have lost the run of themselves or tried to profiteer off of people’s fears and many genuine businesses and people have offered their services to people who may be in need, in isolation or unable to get to shops or towns to get what they need.

This is the kind of spirit that we need shown in times like these and we salute all the people who have shown such admirable response when many others have done exactly the opposite. To that end we would be more than willing to put details of people and business who are offering their help to people who need it here so that people who need assistance can avail of it in their area. 
If you have offered or seen an offer of help or businesses who are trying to look after those in need then please get in touch on any of our social media platforms or via WhatsApp at 087 6009012. We will put any contact details and the info of people offering their help or services here for people to access.




Wok Star Asian Fusion Food

Taurus Takeaway Arklow