Cole Byrne – Rising Wicklow Star

Once in a lifetime a special talent comes along that is born with a natural gift for a certain sporting activity and the mercurial skills that these special people hold normally leads to a lifetime of sporting greatness in their sporting field. Cole Byrne is different though, he is the exception to the rule as he was born into this world with the skills and natural talent to succeed in pretty much any sport he lays his hand to and is on course to be one of the greatest sportsmen that Ireland never mind County Wicklow has ever produced.

With more medals to his name than a North Korean Military Commander has on his uniform, Cole has excelled and achieved more in his short thirteen years than the rest of us could hope to in a lifetime combined. Sheer hard work and determination coupled with his naturally abundant talent and skill has seen him take pretty much every title available to him in boxing, submission fighting, Ju Jitsu, K1, Soccer to name but a few and is also the younger brother of County Wicklow hurler Gary Byrne who along with his other brother Billy are Cole’s two biggest fans.

Among Coles long list of achievements are:

  • Three times K1 Gold Medalist
  • Three times All Ireland Ju Jitsu Champion
  • All Ireland Boxing Champion
  • Two Time Leinster Boxing Champion
  • Two Time Michael Andrews Champion
  • Multi National Boxing Champion
  • All Ireland Kick Boxing Champion
  • Two Time All Ireland Submission Fighter
  • Wexford League Boxing Champion
  • Dublin League Boxing Champion
  • Ju Jitsu Gold Medalist (SBG)
  • Civil Reception For Sporting Achievement
  • Soccer Cup Final MOTM (Hat Trick Scorer)

The list goes on but we would be typing for an eternity if we were to try and capture comprehensively the magnitude of this talented young mans achievements. Perhaps his proudest fan is his mother Brenda who can vouch first hand for the commitment and effort that Cole puts in to achieve so much at such a young age:

He never stops training, he’s been at it since the age of four and you would not believe what he was won, I am so proud of him. Cole gets up most mornings at 7am and goes for a run. When he has a competition coming up he goes for a run in the evening too. He trains so hard making weight for any tournaments he has by being out training every night and his aim is to get to the Europeans next year. I am a very proud mother.

Cole boxes out of Enniskerry Boxing Club one of the finest producers of young boxing talent in the country and has won many admirers including none other than the Notorious Conor McGregor who he has had a few rolls with and got a few t-shirts signed by the man himself while training in the famous SBG Gym. Cole is very much focused on the upcoming Europeans for Boxing where we have no doubt he will excel once again so we wish him all the best from all at Bill Hill HQ. But before all of that he has the not so small matter of an All Ireland Ju Jitsu Competition on the 29th of July to take care of before he takes on the best boxing talent and this phenomenal young man takes it all in his stride. Here we have attached a small video of the man himself in action and a slideshow showcasing just a small portion of the phenomenal list of achievements that this young man has achieved in just thirteen years on this planet. In a few years from now we could well be asking Cole for another chat as one of the greatest Irish sportsmen of all time so hopefully he remembers old Bill when his talent and hard graft gets him to even bigger heights.


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