Carnew On Tour

As we face into a miserable damp January we all wish we could be off in some nice sunny weather drinking cocktails from a supermodels belly button in some tropical paradise but for the most of us the highlight of January will be a few cans of Guinness and the pleasure of sticking your arse as close to a Rayburn stove without burning the hole off yourself as you scrape by until payday.

January however signals the return of the GAA season to full flight and the excitement of that will at least cheer up the post Christmas blues as you look forward to the GAA year ahead.

Not all of us are so lucky though as for some poor unfortunate Wicklow folk living abroad, the GAA season and the fortunes of their club and county are something they miss out on while they are away from home and they rely on news of what’s going on from various sources. One such source is the Wicklow GAA Yearbook and by now you should have all got your copy of the Wicklow Yearbook but hats off to you if you have a better setting to read it than this well known Carnew & Wicklow supporter sitting back cool as you like on the beaches of Sao Paolo in Brazil while having the misfortune of being distracted by scantily clad women frolicking on the beach as he tries to see how Pheasant Kennedy went this year in the championship and if Enda Donohoe hurled well. It would take a Carnew man to look as cool as this despite it being 30 degrees and the Brazilian Ladies Beach Volleyball Team are doing their pre training stretching off camera…

The last time we witnessed someone looking this cool was our Rathnew Van Damme when her nipples started talking to her during the Big Snow…

“My pants froze, and froze hard. So tight. Even thinking about it takes me back. Have you ever seen a penguin walk after an intense mating season? Have you? When a woman’s pants freeze as rock solid as mine—let me tell you, my friends, even that was nothing compared to the ice-cold refreshment of a Coors Light in Rathnew. Man, my pants were tight.”

Its great to see that Wicklow stays important to people when they are living overseas and if you think you can match this photo then feel free to send it in to us and we will show those at home how the other half live😉💙💛

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