Bills 10 Questions – Paul Porter Wicklow Gaa Referee

1. Which Refereeing Colleague would you most like to give the marching orders too?

Has to be boz always thinks he’s right😂

2. What fellow referee do you think has the best chance of a modelling career?

Surely has to be Anto there’s more effort goes into getting himself ready than women do going out #loves himself 😂

3. The most embarrassing thing to happen to you in your time refereeing?

Reffing a minor semi final and my boot decides to fall apart luckily mr Keenan was on hand with the insulating tape

4. What’s the funniest thing you’ve been called in your refereeing career?

Jesus god knows there’s been a few

5. Favourite moment refereeing?

Reffin the intermediate hurling final two year ago

6. Should pineapples be on Pizzas?

God no rotten

7. What club do you not like referring and why?

Don’t mind any of them always have the cards ready usually helps a few boyos shut up 😂😂

8. When you go to battle in Aughrim in championship which two linesmen do you not want with you & why

God there’s a few but sure look they do there best Liam Keenan cause he’s more than likely in the teams dugout and Gerry Corbett cause he’s on the phone 😜

9. What was the toughest game you ever reffed?

Em would have to be Bray v Carnew last year in the junior final, lads thought they had hatchets

10. What player gave you the most lip over the years?

Has to be the Bold Snowy Collins should be a ref he knows the rules that well 😜😜