Bills 10 Questions – Mikey English Baltinglass Gaa Club

1. Which teammates sibling would you swipe right on Tinder for and why?

Above anyone it would have to be Declan Jones mother she’s class ❤

2. What teammate do you ever think has the best chance of a Male modelling career?

Definitely Mark Jackson and that quiff although Conor Keogh is here begging me to say him.

3. The most embarrassing thing to happen to you in your time with the club?

Pulled a mooner heading to an u11 tournament in Dublin only for the bus to be pulled over by the husband of a pregnant lady heading to have her baby. Weren’t impressed.

4. What club do you most enjoy playing against and why?

The old enemy rathnew i think that’s self explanatory.

5. Favourite moment playing for your club?

Winning the Leinster club minor one of the best teams I’ve ever played on.

6. Should pineapples be on Pizzas?

Love pineapple on pizzas.

7. Which player would you trust with your sister and why?

Wouldnt trust any of them minding me dog never mind my sister.

8. Which player would you not trust with your sister and why?

Be definitely that Mark Jackson fella he’s a divil for the women sure.

9. Who was the toughest player you ever marked?

Can’t bate the battles with Stafford in Aughrim.

10. What club in Wicklow would you have liked to play for if you weren’t a proud Baltinglass man and why?

Would have to be my hometown club Dunlavin.💚💛