Bills 10 Questions – Máire Doran Carnew Emmets Camogie Club

1. Which teammates sibling would you swipe right on Tinder for and why?

The only one of my teammates brothers that’s old enough is Graham Keogh and he’s just way too old.

2. What teammate do you think believes they have the best chance of a modelling career?

That’s the easiest question on this, that’s definitely Vicki Mulhall.

3. The most embarrassing thing to happen to you in your time with the club?

There’s a little red haired minion from Knockananna that takes pride in running rings around me everytime we meet, thats always embarrassing.

4. What club do you most enjoy playing against and why?

Ballinacor – I love getting a run at Michelle Fitz. Also, they’re able to give the same level of verbal abuse as we do

5. Favourite moment playing for your club?

Beating Bray, in the Junior final replay, by a point in extra time, ….the dancing on the pool table after was good craic too!!

6. Should pineapples be on Pizzas?


7. Which player would you trust with your brother and why?

Alison Smyth….he’d be (or probably is) afraid of her!

8. Which player would you not trust with your brother and why?

Ooh I’ve seen some of the younger ones in action…Niamh Murphy and Bridin Hughes spring to mind!

9. Who was the toughest player you ever marked?

Mandy Burke from Avoca – You’re guaranteed to be sore the next day!!

10. What club in Wicklow would you have liked to play for if you weren’t a proud Carnew woman and why?

Ballinacor…for the reasons already mentioned above.