Bills 10 Questions – Aisling Leonard Eire Og Ladies Football Team

1. Which teammates sibling would you swipe right on Tinder for and why?

Jack O’Halloran, as it would be my ticket to joining the O’Halloran family.

2. What teammate do you think believes they have the best chance of a modelling career?

The young guns, they’re all bleeding gorgeous.

3. The most embarrassing thing to happen to you in your time with the club?

I once hand passed the ball for a free! It was a dark day!

4. What club do you most enjoy playing against and why?

An Bearna Dearg, I always have a laugh with the girls on the team.

5. Favourite moment playing for your club?

It would have to be our trip to play in Spain back in our prime!

6. Should pineapples be on Pizzas?


7. Which player would you trust with your brother and why?

Erin Wyley, as she’s well able to put him in a headlock.

8. Which player would you not trust with your brother and why?

Tracey O’Halloran, as they’re as bold as each other.

9. Who was the toughest player you ever marked?

Aine O’Gorman

10. What club in Wicklow would you have liked to play for if you weren’t a proud Eire Og woman and why?

Roundwood, I’ve always enjoyed playing them over the years.