Avondale’s Ray Nolan Intermediate Hurling Final Man Of The Match Award

Man Of The Match

We apologise for the delay in getting this post up as time is a scarce commodity and those swimmers don’t deliver themselves but we finally got time to see that this years Intermediate Hurling Man Of The Match got his well deserved award. That man we speak of is none other than Avondale’s Ray Nolan who received his Man Of The Match Award yesterday thanks to the help of our brilliant couriers who did Trojan work to get it delivered to his door.

Ray or the “Fiddler” as many of you may know him had a fantastic game in this years Intermediate Hurling Final and he was in our eyes the deserving recipient of this handcrafted custom award.

Pictures By Nules

The Award itself is a magnificent custom made piece which was handcrafted by the highly talented Nuala McGeown of Pictures by Nules. It features the crest of Ray’s club Avondale with his name and the year of the award and will be a timeless reminder of the brilliant display he put on against a gallant Arklow Rocks side.

We would very much like to thank Nuala for he brilliant generosity in donating the prize and for the time she put in making such a brilliant piece. We would also like to say what a gentleman Ray is as he inquired as to who made the award and personally thanked Nuala which in itself shows the calibre of the man he is and how grateful he was of her work. If you would like a similar hand crafted piece with your teams crest or want a novel award then make sure you get in touch with Nuala who is an outstanding talent and a lovely woman to deal with. The options for photos and much more on your piece are all possible and you can check out her page where you can see many of her brilliant creations.

Any photo memory picture, family, team logos etc transferred onto wood or ceramic. Pictures by Nules can make it the ideal keepsake of a unique gift, for more examples and information click on the link or pm Nuala a photo and she will give you different options…👌


Intermediate Hurling Top Scorer:

Not only did Ray scoop the Man Of The Match prize but he was also the Intermediate Hurling Championship Top Scorer with a whopping 6-34 scored and the evergreen veteran has won a voucher for Moran Hurls in Rathdrum who kindly sponsored this year’s Top Scorers prize for both the Intermediate & Junior Hurling Championships and we will be doing another post with more detail in the coming days.

Ray Nolan
Current Team
Avondale JH, Avondale SH
Junior Hurling League, Senior Hurling Championship 2019, Senior Hurling League, Senior Spring Hurling League 2019, Wicklow Intermediate Hurling Championship, Wicklow Junior Hurling Championship, Leinster Junior Club Hurling Championship, Wicklow Senior Hurling Championship
2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022

Wicklow Intermediate Hurling Championship

SeasonTeamGoalsPointsTotal Pts
2018Avondale SH63452

Wicklow Junior Hurling Championship

SeasonTeamGoalsPointsTotal Pts
2020Avondale JH33039

Junior Hurling League

SeasonTeamGoalsPointsTotal Pts
2021Avondale JH066

Leinster Junior Club Hurling Championship

SeasonTeamGoalsPointsTotal Pts
2018Avondale SH000

Wicklow Senior Hurling Championship

SeasonTeamGoalsPointsTotal Pts
2018Avondale SH000

Senior Hurling Championship 2019

SeasonTeamGoalsPointsTotal Pts
2019Avondale SH077

Senior Hurling League

SeasonTeamGoalsPointsTotal Pts

Senior Spring Hurling League 2019

SeasonTeamGoalsPointsTotal Pts
2019Avondale SH000

Career Total

SeasonGoalsPointsTotal Pts


TeamGoalPointsTotal PointsFinal ScoreOutcome
Arklow Rock Parnells IH10691-06Loss
Avondale SH518335-18Win


Date Time League Season Match Day
21/10/2018 1:00 pm Wicklow Intermediate Hurling Championship 2018 21 Oct 2018