An Tóchaire Box Lent Appeal

Its that time of year again when we make our Lent Appeal to help out those in desperate need of our help. We probably take for granted that a good football prowess comes naturally to us but that’s not the case for everyone as we see in a Third Tier Footballing Nation like An Tochar.


As we all know one of the An Tochar’s founding forefathers Claude Greengrass went to the barren desert near Calary and for 40 Sheepless Days and 40 Sheepless nights he went Cold Turkey not touching one single sheep in that time. The true strength of mind and the discipline shown by Greengrass in not partaking in what was a staple custom in Roundwood was so admired by locals that they try their best to abstain from all sheep related activities for 40 Sheepless Days and 40 Sheepless Nights like their forefather did before them to this very day.


Now Bill knows a huge amount of you donated generously last year to help the Slide of Football in An Tochar but sadly even our best efforts couldn’t avoid their plummet into Junior A Football but all is not lost as in 2018 with your help, we plan to rebuild Football in Roundwood from the ground up one brick at a time. This will be no easy task as a severe football famine has long since plagued the area since their glory days in the 90’s. We ask that you donate what you can to this worthy appeal as these poor unfortunate perennial strugglers desperately need your help to save them…..



With your help as little as €5 a week can go towards getting the best coaches to teach the art of Football to these struggling people and offer them a light at the end of the tunnel. A monthly contribution of €20 is all it would take to provide the football stability that is so desperately needed by the people of An Tochar.

With Your Support We Can Make A Change!

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