A Message From The Jackman Family

A message from the Jackman Family to everyone who has offered their thoughts and prayers to our friend, Don

“Denis , Geraldine, Ash and Ben want to thank the Coolkenno Hero’s from the bottom of our hearts. Without your quick actions Don would have died and there’s no other way of saying it. The kindness, love and solidarity shown to us in the past 24 hours has lifted us through the darkest over night.

There are too many to mention in any text but the Famous Five:

Steven Cushe
Jim Cushe
Colin Murphy
Shaun Smith
Cathal RossiterThey will be our Coolkenno Hero’s of the month, year, decade & century . Every person on that pitch last night through love, prayers and sheer Coolkenno willpower helped Don play and win his greatest ever game

Death -0 The Don -9.

He crashed 9 times and 7 of those were when he was lying on that pitch with Coolkenno Hero’s over him. The big man is fighting, equally the Coolkenno men and women have his back.

Words matter – deeds matter and love matters most.

May every Coolkenno person take pride in the smallest club in Co Wicklow and Don will stand on that pitch again with the Hero’s by his side.”

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