WATCH: This Journey Has Dancing, Nudity & Singing In The Rain, You Better Believe It’s The Tinahely Dinner Dance

For the uninitiated the good people of Tinahely love 3 things: Their Football Kevin Darcy’s Singing Getting Naked To Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” To celebrate their great success on the football field in 2018, Tinahely held a Dinner Dance to reflect on a brilliant year and as they love a […]


Wicklow County Council to Rezone Border and make Carnew part of Wexico

Border News Sensational news as Wicklow County Council’s Head of Border Security Tina Healy has unveiled her departments plans for the rezoning of the county boundary to release the longtime Wexican Sympatising town of Carnew into the control of the Juan Connors Cartel that oversee the lawless hordes of the […]

Ladies Football

Tinahely And Pats Go Again – County Final Preview  

Tinahely and Pats Go Again   By Lauren Rowe               Preview: Tinahely and St Patrick’s will go at it again in a repeat of the 2017 Ladies senior championship final on the fourth Saturday of September. Tinahely, of course, are going for four-in-a-row and […]


2 Games, 6 Goals, No Feet – The David Dillon Story

Tinahely Football has been on the up lately with some very promising young footballers coming through with the likes of Eoin Darcy and Matthew Ging winning Players of the Week in their Minor Football campaign but even that magnificent achievement pales in comparison to the heroics of one long serving […]



VOTE FOR MATTHEW FOR ELECTRIC IRELANDS MINOR FOOTBALL PLAYER OF THE WEEK BY USING THIS EMOJI ON THE ELECTRIC IRELAND POST IN THE LINK BELOW: This young man was part of the fantastic Wicklow Minor Football team that provided us with some of the most entertaining games witnessed in years. […]

Minor Football

Bills Big Adventure

With one of the biggest games in years in Joule Park Aughrim coming up this evening at 7pm, Bill Hill had to personally check that everything was spot on for the Electric Ireland Leinster Minor Football Championship Semi Final Replay clash between Wicklow and Kildare. Bill’s adventure began last night […]

Ladies Football

Leinster Final Meet The Team – Laura Hogan

1. Name: Laura Hogan 2. Age: 21…. 🙈🤣 3. Club: Tinahely 4. Occupation: Maths Teacher 5. Honours: LIDL NFL div 4 2018, a few county championships and leagues 6. Hidden Talent/Party Piece: I wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise for Sunday night 😎😂 7. Childhood Football Hero: Angie McNally (Dublin) […]


Leinster Final Meet The Team – Sarah Hogan

1. Name: Sarah 2. Age: 25 3. Club: Tinahely 4. Occupation: Maturities Admin 5. Honours: Div 4 league 2018 6. Hidden Talent/Party Piece: Unfortunately I think I’m talentless 7. Childhood Football Hero: Juliet Murphy 8. Grown Up Football Hero: Sinead Goldrick 9. First Love: Food 🐷 10. Last Love: Food🐷 […]


Stephen Hickey – Wicklow’s Ultimate Junior B Footballer

1. Will there ever be another footballing genius that’s comes even remotely close to the brilliance of Stephen Hickey in our lifetime? My offspring should have the genetics but I don’t think there will ever be another footballer as good as me. 2. Who is your idol and why? Michael […]


Leinster Final Meet The Team- Shauna Bermingham

1. Name: Shauna Bermingham 2. Age: 22 3. Club: Tinahely (currently on loan from Coolkenno) 4. Occupation: Auditor 5. Honours: Division 4 runner up 2017, Division 4 winner 2018 6. Hidden Talent/Party Piece: double jointed thumbs 7. Childhood Football Hero: my parents and Steven Gerrard 8. Grown Up Football Hero: […]


Leinster Final Meet The Team – Jackie Kinch

1. Name: Jackie Kinch 2. Age: 24 3. Club: Tinahely 4. Occupation: Farmer 5. Honours: Div 4 League 2018, team of the league ’15, ’17 & ’18, club county championship 2018 6. Hidden Talent/Party Piece: I can do the cadbury dance with my eyebrows!! 7. Childhood Football Hero: David Beckham […]


Leinster Final Meet The Team – Emily Mulhall

1. Name: Emily 2. Age: 👵🏼👵🏼👵🏼 3. Club: Tinahely 4. Occupation: Primary Teacher 5. Honours: Div 4 League 2018, team of the league. 6. Hidden Talent/Party Piece: Tin Whistle 7. Childhood Football Hero: All of the senior ladies when we started playing adult club football. We looked up to them […]


Lightning Strikes Twice – Eoin Darcy Nominated For Electric Ireland Player Of The Week For Second Week Running

After scooping last weeks Player of the Week, Eoin Darcy has only gone and got another nomination for Electric Ireland Player of the Week after his accomplished display in Wicklow’s victory over Westmeath. Once again we want you all to vote for Eoin by reacting to Electric Irelands Post with […]


INTERVIEW: Eoin Darcy – Electric Ireland Minor Football Player Of The Week

Congratulations to Tinahely and Wicklow’s Eoin Darcy who has just been voted Electric Ireland Minor Football Player Of The Week. This is a huge credit not just to Eoin, but to the Minor Football Management team, his teammates, his club, his family and friends and possibly the most unsung heroes of […]


Bills Family Feelings – The Mulhall Sisters Tinahely

LUCY’S ANSWERS: 1. Who would you swipe right for on Tinder on your sisters behalf and why? Philly mc mahon, they’d produce top class corner backs! 2. Who was your sisters first Big crush? Ronaldo and Chad Michael Murray posters covered our room 3. The most embarrassing thing to happen […]


Bills 10 Questions – Kate Hatton Tinahely Ladies Football Team

1. Which teammates sibling would you swipe right on Tinder for and why? The Hogan’s brother. A popular choice among half the team, or so I hear anyways 2. What teammate do you think believes they have the best chance of a modelling career? Besides myself I hear the Wicklow […]


Bills 10 Questions – Stephen Dillon Tinahely Gaa Club

1. Which teammates sibling would you swipe right on Tinder for and why? Whats Tinder?? As Father Ted once said don’t they all have lovely bottoms!! The little brother has a big thing for gormans and heddermans sister tho!! 2. What teammate do you ever think has the best chance […]


Four Wicklow Pubs to be declared UNESCO World Heritage Sites

After years of campaigning UNESCO officials announced plans to declare the following Pint Depots as UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Fenton’s Glen of Imaal – (Glen of Imaal) The Dying Cow (Tinahely/Shillelagh) Tá Sé’s (Wicklow Town) D.J Cullen’s Lakeview Lounge (Ballyknockan) Strict criteria must be followed to achieve the distinction of […]