County Wicklow’s 5 Most Popular Dogging Locations Revealed

Dogging is a craze that has long been around but it’s popularity has grown massively in recent years. Long have we suspected that this carry on has been occurring in County Wicklow but we never had the proof until now!

A disgruntled dogger has been in contact with Bill Hill after her dogging partner received a ban for relieving himself all over one of the other doggers cars while getting a bit excited during one of these dogging events. She has now given us the 5 most popular locations in County Wicklow where this carry on is taking place:


Frisky doggers have been getting Wet & Wild up by the Broad Lough for years in the County Towns most scenic area.


Dempsey’s sausage is the only thing the Blessington Ladies enjoy more than a spot of dogging by the lake. They are known to use squeaky toys and leashes in this location.


There’s something about those sand dunes that excites the dogging community. You can bring your own bone or use one belonging to the other doggers in one of the most picturesque locations.


This is the most controversial dogging location in the County as some in the dogging community believe it’s not right to be frolicking by the waterfall with a cemetery nearby that many of the dogging founding forefathers are resting. They say that it’s not just the doggers who are howling here on chilly winters nights!


The number one location on the list is the aptly named Bray Head. Popular with a few of the Posher Poodles from Killiney, Bray Head is where the Who’s Who of County Wicklows Doggy Lovers go to cock a leg! Dress appropriately if you’re thinking of dogging up Bray Head as Doggy Style is important to the Bray Head Doggers😉

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