2 Games, 6 Goals, No Feet – The David Dillon Story


Tinahely Football has been on the up lately with some very promising young footballers coming through with the likes of Eoin Darcy and Matthew Ging winning Players of the Week in their Minor Football campaign but even that magnificent achievement pales in comparison to the heroics of one long serving Tinahely Fisting Veteran who is no stranger to silverware having slept with a few big cups in his day.

Ladies and Gentleman we give you David Dillon, scorer of no less than 6 Goals in just two games in the Arklow Bay Junior C Football Championship and not one of those goals were score with his feet. 5 Goals came from the David’s well manicured and delicate ladylike fingers that automatically clench into a ferocious fist any time an O’Neill’s football has the misfortune of passing near and urban legend has it that the other goal came from another of David’s scoring legs but not one with toes at the end.

Legendary Tinahely Footballer and Ultimate Junior C Footballer Stephen Hickey was even starstruck witnessing the amazing achievements of David Dillon over the past two championship outings and conceded that even he would probably have struggled to score too many more goals than David has:

“I’d probably have got 7 or 8 but i’d have kicked at least one or too, he learned from the master”

This incredible feat is surely unequaled in any GAA competition across the GAA in Ireland and if it is then we would like to hear about it because unless it was Stephen Hickey or Don Jackman that did it then frankly we don’t think it happened!! Could David fist his way to another Cup and Pint Bottle Photo?? Only time will tell……….

RankPlayerTeamPositionGoals ScoredPoints ScoredTotal Pts
1Jordan MurrayKilcoole JuniorsForward61836
2David BlakeTinahely JuniorsForward31928
3Des MannDonard Glen JuniorsForward12326
4Jason WalshKilcoole JuniorsForward12326
5David DillonTinahely JuniorsMidfielder8125
6Gary ElliotEire Og JuniorsForward4820
7Jordan McGarrBlessington Junior CGoalkeeper21117
8Luke BradleyEire Og JuniorsMidfielder01717
9Willie QuaileTinahely JuniorsDefender2915
10Willie O HaganEire Og JuniorsDefender11215
11Niall GormanTinahely JuniorsForward, Midfielder2915
12Padraig MurphyTinahely JuniorsForward3615
13Davy MileyValleymount JuniorsForward2915
14Conor ScullionKilcoole JuniorsForward2713
15Colm MaherAnnacurra JuniorsForward2713
16Ed FlynnDonard Glen JuniorsForward2713
17Sean GeogheganValleymount JuniorsDefender1912
18Patrick WoodsKilcoole JuniorsMidfielder3312
19Austin BrennanTinahely JuniorsForward3312
20Damien CullenTinahely JuniorsForward1912
21Adam CondonValleymount JuniorsDefender1811
22Tommy DwyerDonard Glen JuniorsForward01111
23Eric DonohueTinahely JuniorsForward2511
24Nicky DonovanDonard Glen JuniorsForward2410
25David BrennanBlessington Junior CForward3110
26Kurt StarkEire Og JuniorsForward099
27Ciaran McDonaldEire Og JuniorsForward309
28Stephen WilloughbyBlessington Junior CForward169
29James EagerDonard Glen JuniorsForward169
30Eoin DoneganAnnacurra JuniorsForward, Midfielder158
31Stephen Murphy (Annacurra)Annacurra JuniorsForward077
32Anthony PhelanTinahely JuniorsForward147
33Stewart GilbertTinahely JuniorsDefender, Forward, Midfielder217
34Malachy StoneBarndarrig JuniorsDefender066
35David WalshStratford Grangecon JuniorsForward206
36Brian O SullivanEire Og JuniorsForward136
37Eoin BrennanBarndarrig JuniorsForward136
38Enda O KeeffeTinahely JuniorsForward206
39Gary CoadyKilcoole JuniorsForward055
40Adam MurphyBlessington Junior CForward055
41Tom SweeneyStratford Grangecon JuniorsForward125
42James JacksonBlessington Junior CForward055
43Gary Walsh (Valleymount)Valleymount JuniorsForward125
44Darren O NeillDonard Glen JuniorsDefender/Midfielder/Forward055
45Eoin O Neill (Eire Og)Eire Og JuniorsForward125
46Brandon ByrneEire Og JuniorsForward055
47Shaun HughesEire Og JuniorsDefender044
48Eoin HigginsBlessington Junior CMidfielder114
49Kieran McGovernBlessington Junior CForward044
50Brian HickeyTinahely JuniorsForward044
51Dermot BlakeEire Og JuniorsDefender103
52Michael FoleyDonard Glen JuniorsDefender103
53Brian BohanBlessington JuniorsDefender103
54Fionn FurlongTinahely JuniorsDefender, Forward033
55Niall DeeneyEire Og JuniorsMidfielder033
56Phil O BrienKilcoole JuniorsMidfielder033
57Daniel GingTinahely JuniorsForward033
58Diarmuid NugentValleymount JuniorsForward033
59Declan LoftusAnnacurra JuniorsForward033
60Richie MurrayBarndarrig JuniorsForward033
61Shane EvansKilcoole JuniorsForward033
62Richard KeaneBarndarrig JuniorsForward033
63Conor HumphriesStratford Grangecon JuniorsForward033
64Jonathan BehanBlessington Junior CForward103
65Darren BourkeKilcoole JuniorsDefender103
66Paul DohertyEire Og JuniorsForward033
67Andrew ReillyBarndarrig JuniorsDefender022
68Shane EagerDonard Glen JuniorsDefender022
69Kiev LeonardValleymount JuniorsMidfielder022
70John CoveneyEire Og JuniorsForward022
71Fionn WalshBlessington Junior CForward022
72Kenny NaughtonEire Og JuniorsForward022
73Barry Doyle (Kilcoole)Kilcoole JuniorsForward022
74Sammy WalkerAnnacurra JuniorsForward022
75Dean MannDonard Glen JuniorsForward022
76Dara McGormanBlessington Junior CForward022
77Charlie MaguireKilcoole JuniorsDefender011
78Sean MinogeEire Og JuniorsDefender011
79Chris CarrollKilcoole JuniorsDefender011
80Conor KinsellaStratford Grangecon JuniorsDefender011
81James Walsh (Annacurra)Annacurra JuniorsDefender011
82Gerry MurrayKilcoole JuniorsDefender011
83James ScullionKilcoole JuniorsDefender011
84Rory ToomeyDonard Glen JuniorsMidfielder011
85Gary GeogheganValleymount JuniorsMidfielder011
86Tom Doyle (Barndarrig)Barndarrig JuniorsForward011
87Ciaran Doyle (Annacurra)Annacurra JuniorsForward011
88Stephen Cullen (Barndarrig)Barndarrig JuniorsForward011
89James SmullenEire Og JuniorsForward011
90Johnny CahillValleymount JuniorsForward011
91Eric FenlonStratford Grangecon JuniorsForward011
92Glenn DunneKilcoole JuniorsForward011
93Andy FarringtonValleymount JuniorsForward011
94Gavin WalshDonard Glen JuniorsForward011
95Kevin DoyleTinahely JuniorsDefender, Forward, Midfielder011
96Paul CarrollValleymount JuniorsForward011
97David RichardsonValleymount JuniorsForward011
98Jamie MurrayKilcoole JuniorsForward011
99Sean PollardTinahely JuniorsDefender, Forward, Midfielder011
100James WhelanStratford Grangecon JuniorsForward011
101Philip MatuskaDonard Glen JuniorsForward011
102Jeff KemmyValleymount JuniorsForward011
103Paul SleatorStratford Grangecon JuniorsForward011


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