Tá Sé’s in Wicklow named as UNESCO World Heritage Pub


As we all know St. Patrick’s first port of call on a Booze Cruise Tour to Ireland was the beautiful Wicklow Town. As the alternative facts of history will show, the first documented place he set foot was Tá Sé’s Pub in the Market Square. It is said that St. Patrick went there for the cure after a heavy night on board his ship necking a few bottles of rum and playing a few games of snakes and ladders with the lads.

So enamoured with their guest the locals have named pretty much everything in his honour as can be seen to this day with the local Gaa and Rowing Club to name but a few who still bear his name. Sadly there will always be a few naysayers who want to tarnish good people’s names and St Patrick was no exception to being a victim of this kind of carry on. Some wise guys say that St Patrick was stoned when he arrived in Wicklow town which in truth might explain why he was killing imaginary snakes but nevertheless all heroic stories will have some negativity surrounding them and it is up to you if you want to listen to idle gossip.

Whatever story you believe doesn’t really matter, what matters is that you get yourself down to follow in the footsteps of St Patrick and get a pint or two in Tá Sé’s one of four Wicklow UNESCO World Heritage Pubs.

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